Gustave Savy  | music and stuff

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I am a freelance music composer and producer based in Bristol, UK.

I very much like to make music, all sorts of music. Some of which you can hear on this site.

A particular type of music that I enjoy making is what might loosely be termed 'electronic music'. Now, that really does paint a broad stroke, but then, I am very versatile. From the bone shaking basses of dubstep, to the tight intricate drum programming of drum and bass I love it all. Not to mention the more esoteric and beautifuly delicate meanderings of downtempo, vocal works and just straight up atmospheric tingling.

I also write actual real music too, with instruments and everything.

I am a writer too! I write music reviews for igloo mag, such as this and this. I have written regularly for Bristol magazine Suit Yourself and I produce a skate zine called Cloud Neuf as well as a zine as part of the collective Drawn.

I like to enjoy my work. It makes it better.

What some others have said:

“Every time we have the freedom to build something new, we go with Gus. Due to his background in independent music production, Gus isn't affected by industry styles or fads, and always comes up with something epic, that is unlike anything else out there. We recently had the UK rights to broadcast the Euroleague Final Four basketball tournament, and needed a distinct, uptempo signature tune, with beds and bumpers. Gus turned this all around in two days and came back with a mature, but exciting series of tracks, that were more the quality of feature film sequences. Having now used Gus' music in projects for Red Bull, Channel 4, Nike and more, we will continue to use him every time we can, and would suggest you do the same.”
Rob Tucker - creative director i-vi

“To be able to not only adapt existing complicated works, but also have the ability and tenacity to compose his own musical scores is a rare talent. He is methodical in his approach, exciting to play with and disciplined. I wish him every success in furthering this aspect of his career in music.”
Pauline Elliott - Sax off the roof saxophone ensemble

If you would like to commision me, or want to talk about what I can do, or even to say hello, just get in touch. I'd rather not hear about how stupid my hair looks though - that is something I know already!