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I am a freelance music composer and producer based in Bristol, UK.

Stuff that has happened recently:

I've just finished a hurried last minute emergency soundtrack for an advert for Venture trucks (a company that make skateboard trucks if you don't know) after some legal intricacies rendered the original music un-useable. Bit of a rush job, but turned out OK. The advert is filmed and edited by the superb Lames Harris, and features the ridiculous skills of Mr. Dan Wileman.

It was featured on the Sidewalk website, which, if you don't know, is the home of the biggest UK Skate mag. Here it is:

The Kloudbreak E.P. - Elements - is now out on Drawn, and I have to say, it's somewhat of a cracker!

You can get it from the site for a very reasonable price, safe in the knowledge that you'll be supporting real talented musicians.

The Mothboy EP is now out - available at all good internet music retailers such as itunes, Amazon, 7digital, Addictec etc.

I'm now working on an EP to be released around May sometime. Oh and the Concrete Lung album 'Versions Of Hell' that I played on is now out on Armalyte Industries.

I haven't updated this for a little while, which in some ways is a good thing as it means I've been really busy.

I co run an independent record label called Drawn, and preparing for our upcoming release of the EP 'yield' by Mothboy has been taking a lot of work. Happily, it's almost ready for the release date on January 10th.

Here is the cover art by Becky Shepherd.

Here is a clip of the free running sequence that I provided the music to. This episode has been aired to around 3 million viewers!

Free running .

Last night was the first airing of some new music I wrote for the saxophone ensemble. It sounded fantastic! So much better then with samples. Gosh!

The programme with my super all nighter of a track aired last week to several million viewers. Good times.

Finished some saxophone parts for the new album by Concrete Lung, a wicked London based industrial band who have a sound not too unlike Godflesh, or maybe Head of David. Basically they make really good old school type droney industrial heavy stuff, which is always a good thing.

Phew! Just managed to squeeze out an extra tune for a major sequence of the current series of 'The Wingman'. Nothing like a frantic phone call at 9 o'clock in the evening followed by much sweating until 3 o'clock in the morning. Still, everyone's happy, these little tests are good for you!
Link to the edit coming soon.

Just about finished work on episode 3 of 'The Wingman', a series made by Three Feet High in association with Red Bull Media House. It's a wicked series of programmes with Ed Leigh looking at Red Bull's world series of events.

Check out some of my other stuff on the Work page.